Food – My Favorite Dish!

Market in Nice April 2013I’m here to talk about food.

Not just preparing food or cooking food or eating food but about food.

What is it? Where is it from? How does it make you feel? Why does it smell that way? Why does it smell so bad but taste so good? How the hell did you ever think to mix that with that!? You see what I mean…..about food

Years ago while I was the Club Manager at Penoby in Orono, we had a fellow living upstairs who kept an eye on things in the off season. Well, it seemed that he would just happen to stroll into the Dining Room each Sunday afternoon as Brunch was shutting down and the staff was grabbing a quick bite from the leftovers. His regularly scheduled spontaneous entrances would inevitably be prefaced with a loud and heartfelt “Ah, Food……My favorite dish!” and then followed with a well portioned and piled high plate as proof of his passion.

So it is with with this fellow’s enthusiastic gustatory dedication in mind that I begin this blog and name it in his honor - Food….My Favorite Dish!